Public Relations is a unit under council management. Its mandate is to ensure that a positive image is maintained and also to maintain fully documented body of information for council.
The Unit coordinates communication (internal and external).It is also responsible to ensure customer satisfaction by carrying out surveys and researches on customer needs, communication findings and recommendations to the council. it also builds and maintain the organisation image and to ensure that all values are adhered to.
The Unit does also handle customer complaints and works with departments to provide positive feedback to clients.
It promotes and educates the community about council services through pamphlets, posters and road shows of which the objectives are as follows
• To have open discussions with local communities through kgotla meetings.
• to disseminate information about products and services offered by the Sub District Council.
• Allows customers to get first-hand information
• Enables customers to acquire knowledge and clarity on services and programmes offered as well as issues concerning them.
• People will be given an opportunity to view services and ask questions and get any information they need.