Tonota Sub Council was promoted to a Sub District in 2005 after being under Tutume Sub District all the past years as an effective means of taking services closer to the community. To curb distance travelled by customers to Tutume, Central District Council found it fit to have the Sub District here in Tonota as a way to bring government information and services closer to the people to promote access to opportunities as a basis for improved livelihoods. To promote cost-effective, integrated, efficient and sustainable service provision to better serve the needs of citizens and to build sustainable partnerships with government, business and civil society.


The Sub Council is headed by Mr Kwata Botana as the Senior Assistant Council Secretary. Hon Col Anderson Moalosi is the Sub Council Chairperson.


Tonota Sub Council consists of twelve (15) councillors with only two female representative and both of them are special elected. It services 11 villages being Tonota, Mandunyane, Semotswane, Shashemooke, Mabesekwa, Borolong, Chadibe, Natale, Foley, Gojwane and Serule. Honourable councillors are stakeholders of the council as they associate much with the community and during Sub Council sessions, they do come with some queries, compliments, compliments and other issues on how we the Sub Council can deliver better results to the community they serve.


The Sub Council has about 10 departments and 12 divisions/units which has their own head of departments. With all these people, the mandate of a centre of excellence in local governance and social services provision for improved quality of life has been achieved. This is achieved through the cordial relationship between employees and the community that they serve as it has proved that indeed our customer/clients are satisfied with services and programmes that we offer to them. According to the survey conducted between April and June, it has indicated that 85% are satisfied with the services that we offer, adherence to organisational values as well as knowledge of them services.


There are two service centres in Tonota Sub which are in Serule and Borolong Villages. The main aim of having these services centres is to bring services closer to the people. There are a one-stop service centres providing information and services to communities, through the development communication approach, in an integrated manner. These centres provide a hub of activities and a variety of services.


In total, the Sub District has more than 300 employees which ensure that visions and missions are of the organisation are achieved. Without these people, the organisation could be still a service centre and due to their commitment they worked hard for the Sub District Council to be established.